Stakeholders from all sectors to come together for impactful solutions

As proven by COVID-19, creating a bio-secure future with the right tools and knowledge to fight future infectious disease before they become disruptive pandemics requires increased collaboration across sectors.


This requires stakeholders from all sectors to come together for impactful solutions, and for this reason, Global Biosecurity Network is looking for partners interested in contributing to creating successful outcomes to ensure a more biosecure future.


Due to the cross-sectional nature of the initiative, we are looking for partners from a wide group of stakeholders relevant for the biosecurity and pandemic preparedness agenda. 

Looking to engage?

A biosecure future involves transitioning from a post-emergence responsive approach to a more controlled and proactive approach, for a number of reasons:

Together, we can better prepare for future pandemic outbreaks by enabling cooperation amongst governments, providing scientific expertise to back up policy frameworks, facilitating the prediction and monitoring of disease outbreaks, evaluating the economic impact of such outbreaks, and setting targets and commitments to ensure benefits to the society and the environment. 

Let us work together towards reaching a safer future. 

We are looking for partners...

Who can engage with the expertise and network in the respective fields of biosecurity.

With a large network of professional stakeholders, that can compliment our own comprehensive stakeholder network 

Who would like to seed fund or otherwise finance development of the Network