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A call to action to bring stakeholders together for an efficient coordinated response across sectors affected by insufficient pandemic preparedness

The Global Biosecurity Summit is the spearhead event of the Global Biosecurity Network, a network convening stakeholders from business, public sector, academia and civil society to address pandemic preparedness solutions. 


Through a roadmap of events, including a webinar to set the scene for the inaugural event in Geneva, Switzerland in autumn 2022. The Global Biosecurity Summit brings together experts across a wide array of sectors to address pandemic preparedness with a new approach, activating individual strengths of a diversified field of expertise.

Webinar in Spring 2022

This webinar with experts from various disciplines seeks to lay the foundation for biosecurity and pandemic preparedness in a broader concept and to identify the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us.

COVID-19 and Achieving Biosecurity in a Globalised World

The webinar builds on the understanding that the consequences of a pandemic go far beyond health, and the answer should also be developed by a much broader group of stakeholders. By gathering strong networks of stakeholders from across sectors and borders, this online convening will be a first step in developing the frameworks and solutions required to improve biosecurity worldwide.


This webinar is the first in a series of agenda-setting activities, part of a new knowledge network, which will further emphasise the importance of open communication and unconditional sharing of information across sectors and borders.

Global Biosecurity Summit

 More information about the programme, partners and speakers for the webinar and the inaugural event will be published soon.

Speakers 2022

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Global Biosecurity Summit will convene high-level thought-leaders for outcome-driven and
agenda-setting discussions